PremierPlus Solar

PremierPlus Solar has been designed specifically for solar applications. It offers all of the benefits of the standard PremierPlus unvented cylinder to give powerful mains pressure showering and fast filling baths, with the added benefit of lower running costs - as much as 60% less than traditional systems*

Designed for use with a wide range of solar systems now available in the UK, PremierPlus Solar is an environmentally friendly and efficient way of providing domestic hot water. Unlike some other 'twin coil' cylinders (which simply use heating coils designed for traditional boiler heated cylinders), PremierPlus Solar cylinders have a purpose designed solar heating coil at the base of the cylinder, which ensures maximum heat input and efficiency from the solar energy.

Available in 170-300 litre capacities, with a choice of direct (Electric auxiliary heat input) or indirect (Gas, Oil or Electric boiler auxiliary heat input) versions.

* savings vary depending on type of solar system used, location and usage patterns


  • Mains pressure (unvented) hot water for balanced supply to showers and mixers 
  • Duplex stainless steel cylinder for long life
  • 190-300 litre capacities - indirect
  • 170-300 litre capacities - direct
  • Specially designed solar coil for maximum solar efficiency
  • Complete package includes - Safety and hot water controls/Remote expansion vessel
  • High flow rates for improved hot water delivery
  • Compatible with a wide range of UK solar systems
  • Lower running costs and reduced energy bills
  • Environmentally friendly - reduced carbon emissions
  • Equally suited for New Build or Refurbishment projects
  • Fully indemnified design service
  • 30-year transferable cylinder guarantee - conditions apply.
  • 5-year guarantee on the coldwater control valve
  • 2-year guarantee on all other components

Guarantee stated here applies to UK installations only. For details of guarantees in other countries, please consult your local supplier.



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Warranty Registration

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